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‘Support Our Troops’ Decals

Posted by strattof on November 23, 2007


On September 17, Regina City Council voted to put ‘Support Our Troops’ decals on all city vehicles. The motion was passed in a 10-1 vote, with Fred Clipsham being the only councillor to vote against it.

Do you agree with City Council’s decision to place ‘Support Our Troops’ decals on all city vehicles?  

  • ‘Support Our Troops’ is not a politically neutral statement. It is a political message of support for Canada’s military engagement in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes this plain in a remark he made at a support-our-troops rally: ‘You cannot say you are for our military and then not stand behind them in the great things they do’ (22/9/06). It is unacceptable for public vehicles to carry any political message. 
  • 74 Canadians have already been killed in the conflict in Afghanistan. Hundreds more have been injured, many of them seriously.
  • Since the war began in 2001, over Afghan 7000 civilians have been killed. In the south alone, where Canadians are fighting, over 200,000 Afghans have been displaced from their homes and are in refugee camps. 
  • Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan run the risk of exposure to depleted uranium, a chemically toxic and radioactive dust which is known to cause cancer, kidney damage, immune system failings, and congenital abnormalities. Soldiers in combat zones also frequently suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • War brings death and destruction. The occupation of a country by foreign armies does not bring freedom and democracy.

If you disagree with City Council’s decision to place ‘Support Our Troops’ decals on city vehicles, please contact your city councillor or the Mayor’s office.

Mayor Pat Fiacco 777-7339

Ward 1 Louis Brown 531-5151

Ward 2 Jocelyn Hutchinson 584-1739

Ward 3 Fred Clipsham 757-8212

Ward 4 Michael Fougere 7895586

Ward 5 Bill Grey 761-0919

Ward 6 Wade Murray 522-8683

Ward 7 Sharon Bryce 949-5025

Ward 8 Mike O’Donnell 545-7300

Ward 9 Terry Hinks 949-9690

Ward 10 Jerry Flegel 777-6689

 To send an e-mail to city councillors: 1) Log on to the website.  2) Click on ‘Council & Committee Meetings.’  3) Click on ‘Contact Us.’  4) Click on ‘Questions About Your Ward.’  



3 Responses to “‘Support Our Troops’ Decals”

  1. Bernadette L. Wagner said

    Here’s a humourous video regarding the yellow ribbons. [Beware of the F-word]

  2. Larry said

    Good one!

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