Making Peace Vigil

Standing up for peace


Posted by strattof on October 5, 2008





When should Canada withdraw from Afghanistan?

Canada’s role in Afghanistan is not its traditional one of peace-making. Rather Canada is making war in Afghanistan. Everyday more people die as a result of the fighting. 97 Canadian soldiers have already been killed. So too have untold thousands of Afghans, many of them civilians. Promised development is not taking place. There is no hope for a military solution in Afghanistan.


Do you think Omar Khadr should be returned to Canada?

Omar Khadr was 15 years old at the time of his capture by US forces in Afghanistan in 2002. If his case goes to trial, he will be the first ever child soldier to be tried for war crimes. Omar Khadr is also the last citizen from a western country still to be imprisoned at Guantanamo. He has been beaten, choked, drugged, denied the use of a toilet, and subjected to sleep deprivation and solitary confinement. By refusing to negotiate with US authorities for his release, the Canadian government has been complicit in his abuse and torture.


What is your view of the funding cap on First Nations post-secondary education?

Education at all levels is a First Nations treaty right. In 1996, the federal government placed a 2% growth cap on funding for First Nations post-secondary education. Since 1996, the number of First Nations in post-secondary education has fallen by 9%. This is despite growing demographics. In the last 3 years, 2,100 eligible Saskatchewan First Nations students were denied education grants due to the cap.


If your party wins the election, what action will you take to reduce poverty in Canada?

Between 1980 and 2005, the income of the poorest Canadians fell by 20.6%. Over the same period, the income of the richest Canadians increased by 16.4%. The current child poverty rate is exactly the same as it was in 1989 when an all-party resolution to end child poverty unanimously passed the House of Commons: 11%. Today 788,000 Canadian children live in poverty. Over the last decade Canadian corporations have posted record profits. (Statistics Canada)


Where do you and your party stand on nuclear power?

● Nuclear power is not clean power. The nuclear industry is very energy-intensive, using massive fossil fuels—from mining, refining, and enriching uranium, to transporting and storing nuclear wastes. ● Nuclear power is uneconomic. For example, it costs about 3 times as much as wind power. No nuclear plant has ever been built without millions of dollars in government subsidies. ● Nuclear is a cancer industry. A 2007 German study found that children under 5 living within 5 kilometres of a nuclear plant had twice the risk of leukemia. ●Nuclear reactors produce ever-accumulating radioactive wastes as spent fuel that will have to be managed for millennia. No safe and secure system for storing nuclear wastes in perpetuity has been created.



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