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Posted by strattof on October 22, 2009


LET’S MAKE POVERTY HISTORY! This Saturday, October 17, is International Day for the Elimination of Poverty.  We can begin to make poverty history in Saskatchewan by ●Eliminating income tax for those earning under $20,000 and making taxes more progressive ●Expanding affordable housing ●Guaranteeing a living wage for all workers ●Increasing Social Assistance and removing clawbacks  ●Ensuring universal access to quality childcare and early childhood education ●Eliminating the 2% cap on First Nations education funding and reducing postsecondary tuition for low-income students.


47,000             Number of women who live in poverty. That’s 13% of  all women in Saskatchewan.

35,000               Number of Saskatchewan men living in poverty. That’s 9% of all men in the province.

35,000             Number of Saskatchewan children living in poverty. After British Columbia and Manitoba, Saskatchewan has the highest child poverty rate in Canada.

24                    Per cent of single seniors in Saskatchewan who live in poverty.

9,300               Average amount, in dollars, a low-income family of two or more is below the poverty level.

28                    Per cent of total income after taxes received by the top 10% of Saskatchewan families with children. Over the past thirty years, the top ten per cent have dramatically increased their share of total income while the bottom half have lost.

18                    Per cent of income received by the bottom half of Saskatchewan families with children.

5-6                   Child poverty in Saskatchewan could be eliminated if each employee and each employer devoted 5-6 dollars per week to such a program.

5                      In low income areas of Saskatoon, children under one year of age are 5 times more likely to die than are children under one year of age in the rest of the city.

80                    Per cent of people on long-term Social Assistance who have disabilities.

345                  Number of people who are sleeping in homeless shelters in Regina every night.

0.7                   Per cent of rental units currently vacant in Regina. A balanced rate market vacancy rate is 3%.    

786                  Average monthly rent, in dollars, for a two bedroom apartment in Regina.

598                  Amount Social Assistance pays for shelter for a month for families with 1 2 children. That’s                $188 a month short of the average rent.                                                

1,000               Number of individuals served each day by the Regina and District Food Bank.

(For sources of above data, email


  • Friday October 16: The Future of Social Democracy in Canada: The Relevance of the Regina Manifesto in the 21st Century. Featured speakers are Armine Yalnizyan, Chief Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Murray Dobbin, author, activist and social critic. 7 pm, Education Auditorium, University of Regina.   
  • Tuesday October 20: Dignity for All: The Campaign for a Poverty-Free Canada. Featured speaker is Rob Rainer, Executive Director of Canada Without Poverty. 12 noon-1 pm, Room 137, Education Building, University of Regina.

Let’s work to improve economic justice by eliminating poverty!

MAKING PEACE VIGIL October 15, 2009


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