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Public Transit Benefits Everyone

Posted by strattof on May 4, 2010

TRANSIT cuts climate-changing gases. One bus load of passengers takes the equivalent of 40 vehicles off the road, reducing emission of pollutants by more than 15,000 tonnes a year.

TRANSIT saves you money. Parking costs run from $50 to $700 a year. Car purchase, fuel, insurance, and maintenance are $10,000 for the average vehicle. A monthly adult bus pass costs $59. That’s $708 for the year.

TRANSIT saves the Regina taxpayers’ money. Fewer vehicles on the road mean less tax money spent on repairing and building roads.

TRANSIT is safe. In 2008, there were about 9,500 traffic accidents in Regina, 1143 of them involving injuries. Although Regina Transit’s fleet of buses is on the road 18 hours a day, transit buses were only involved in 49 accidents, 7 of which involved injuries.  

TRANSIT gives you time to relax. You can read or meditate or chat on the bus with no safety worries.

TRANSIT saves you time. No more shoveling or scraping. No more trips to the gas pump or repair shop. No more driving around the block in search of a parking spot. No more working extra hours to pay car costs.

TRANSIT makes streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Transit also provides more space for necessary vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks, taxis, and delivery vans.

TRANSIT helps everyone. Folks who serve us in hospitals, restaurants, and stores need transit to get to work. Businesses need customers and workers to get there. Transit is essential for people who cannot afford, or do not have the health, to drive a car, and for people who choose to be environmentally responsible by not driving.


Regina City Council has accepted the need for an improved Transit service. Improved service will include: ●Purchasing of more buses to extend and upgrade the fleet ●Increasing the frequency of buses ●Reducing travel time by streamlining and adding routes ●Better transfer and shelter facilities ●Improved holiday and weekend service ●Initiating a modern fare collection system ●Improved public information service, including a computerized bus tracking system.


Although City Council has agreed in principle to improved transit service these changes must be included in the City Budget which will be discussed at the Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 27 at 5:30 pm.

  • Call Mayor Pat Fiacco at 777-7339 or your City Councilor to support Public Transit.
  • Attend the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 27 at 5:30 pm.
  • Ride the bus.


Prepared by Regina Citizens Public Transit Coalition. Contact 352-4804 or 545-7378

Distributed by the Making Peace Vigil, April 15 2010


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