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Posted by strattof on September 24, 2010

  • Regina City Council and the Saskatchewan government want $431 million of our tax dollars to be spent on a domed stadium. They’ve even asked the federal government to pay 25% of the cost.
  • Here’s what else we can get for $431 million. (Thanks to Prairie Dog and the Regina Leader-Post from which many of the figures are taken.)

HOUSING: 1 domed stadium = 1,874 affordable housing units.

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: 1 domed stadium = regulated childcare spaces for 10,000 children for 4 years.

SCHOOLS: 1 domed stadium = 28.7 elementary schools or 4.8 years worth of teacher salaries.

LIBRARIES: 1 domed stadium = 16.02 years of Regina Public Library operations.

HEALTH CARE: 1 domed stadium = 2.15 children’s hospitals.

PUBLIC TRANSIT: 1 domed stadium = 100 brand new city buses, plus their drivers’ salaries for their entire careers.

CITY DEBT: 1 domed stadium = the City of Regina’s current debt X 13.


  • Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper you don’t want $431 million of your tax dollars spent on a domed stadium: or 613-992-4211.
  • Send the same message to Mayor Pat Fiacco ( or 777-7339) and Premier Brad Wall ( or 787-9433).

2 Responses to “WHAT ONE DOME WILL GET US”

  1. Regina Public Library’s annual budgeted expenses are $17.5 million this year, up from $15 million last year ( So by my math, that means $431 million would cover between 25-30 years of operations! (Maybe you were factoring in inflation costs or using some different source for your numbers?)

    • strattof said

      We took the figure for libraries from the March 11-March 24 2010 issue of Prairie Dog, according to which the RPL’s “entire 2008 budget came in at $26,893,000.”

      Thanks for the more recent figure. In terms of what we can bet for a domed stadium, it paints an even more impressive picture. It also sets off alarm bells. Has the RPL budget really been cut by $10 million in the last 2 years?

      Florence Stratton

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