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Posted by strattof on October 9, 2012

In the last 20 years, 582 Aboriginal women and girls have gone missing or been murdered in Canada. Aboriginal women are the most at-risk group for violence in Canada.


  • There are 582 recorded cases of missing or murdered Aboriginal girls and women in Canada.
  • Of these, 67% are murder cases. In other words, most of the women (393) were murdered.
  • The number of murdered Aboriginal women in Canada is disproportionately high. While Aboriginal women make up only 3% of Canada’s female population, they represent approximately 10% of all female homicides.
  • Young Aboriginal women are 5 times more likely than other women of the same age to die as a result of violence.
  • 60% of the women and girls were killed in an urban area, 27% in rural areas, and 13% on-reserve.
  • 16.5% of the women were killed by a stranger. Only 6% of non-Aboriginal women are killed by strangers. Aboriginal women are almost 3 times more likely to be killed by a stranger than non-Aboriginal women.
  • Only 53% of the cases involving murder have been solved, compared to 84% of all murder cases across the country.
  • 88% of missing and murdered Aboriginal women were mothers. More than 440 children have been impacted by the loss of their mother.


“Long-standing patterns of marginalization, impoverishment and discrimination are critical factors putting Indigenous women in Canada at risk of violence and exploitation. These same factors have also denied many Indigenous women full protection of the police and justice system.

The Canadian government has condemned the violence and promised to take action. But efforts to date have fallen far short of the comprehensive, coordinated response needed to address such serious and pervasive human rights violations.”


All the figures in this leaflet are taken from the Community Resource Guide: What Can I Do to Help the Families of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls? This 2012 document was produced by Sisters In Spirit, a research initiative of the Native Women’s Association of Canada. The main objective of the Community Resource Guide is “to enhance, promote and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of Aboriginal women within Aboriginal and Canadian societies.”


  • Read the Community Resource Guide and learn how you can raise awareness of the alarmingly high rates of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada and show your support for their families and communities. You can access the Community Resource Guide online by googling its title.
  • Learn more about the work of Sisters In Spirit by going to:
  • Familiarize yourself with Amnesty International’s Stolen Sisters report:
  • Contact your MP and urge him to lobby for an independent inquiry into the 582 cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.
  • Honour the lives of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls by attending an annual October 4 vigil. 

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