Making Peace Vigil

Standing up for peace


Posted by strattof on November 8, 2015

C A N A D A   A T   W A R


Since 2003, Canada has been endlessly at war: Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria ‒ Canada has been or is there making war.

Today, Canada is directly involved in two international wars ‒ Iraq-Syria and Ukraine.

The Good News: Kudos to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for pledging to end Canada’s bombing mission against ISIS.

The Bad News: Instead, Canadian forces will focus on training local troops in Iraq to fight ISIS. In other words, Canada will be training Iraqis and Syrians to kill other Iraqis and Syrians.

More Bad News: The Liberal Party supported the Harper government’s war-making policies in Ukraine.


  • Canadian weapons manufacturers make $12.6 billion in annual revenues from arms sales.
  • Canada has refused to sign the Arms Trade Treaty, a treaty aimed at restricting the global arms trade. It has been signed by 127 other countries. 


Regina high schools, both Public and Catholic, offer a military training program to grade 11 and 12 students. ●Students earn 2 credits for taking the course. ●They are also paid $2,000.

Wouldn’t it be better for students to study for peace, not for war?


  • Tell Prime Minister Trudeau you want Canada to seek non-violent negotiated settlements, including all parties involved in the conflicts, to the wars in Iraq-Syria and Ukraine.
  • Tell your MP you want Canada to get out of the weapons industry and to sign the Arms Trade Treaty.
  • Let Premier Brad Wall know you do not want a military training program in Regina high schools.

W E   W A N T   P E A C E

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or under the holy name of liberty or democracy?–Mahatma Gandhi 

It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.–Albert Einstein 

Politicians who took us to war should have been given the guns and told to settle their difference themselves instead of organizing nothing better than legalized mass murder.–Harry Patch, last surviving British veteran of World War I 

You can bomb the world to pieces/ But you can’t bomb the world to peace.–Michael Franti 

War always marks the failure of peace. It is always a defeat for humanity.–Pope Francis 

Our motto should be: let us make peace so that we can concentrate on the really important work that needs to be done. That is, alleviating the plight of the poor and the defenceless, for as long as most of humanity feels the pain of poverty we all remain prisoners.–Nelson Mandela 

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.–Jimi Hendrix 

All we are saying is give peace a chance.–John Lennon



Some of us are wearing white poppies. The white poppy is a symbol of peace, of our hope for an end to all wars, and of our commitment to work for a world where conflicts are resolved without violence and with justice.


Some of us are also wearing red poppies to honour Canada’s veterans. We are particularly concerned about the 40,000 soldiers who served in Afghanistan and the challenges they are facing: the replacement of an ongoing pension for wounded veterans with lump-sum payments; the closure of Veterans Affairs offices; and the lack of support for veterans who are suffering from the ravages of war.


The red peace button is the work of the Mennonite Central Committee. It reads: “TO REMEMBER IS TO WORK FOR PEACE.” War is not necessary or inevitable. Peaceful alternatives exist, as do non-violent means to resolve conflict between individuals and communities.

If you would like a white poppy or a red peace button, please ask one of us. We are happy to give you one of each, as long as our supplies last.

To order white poppies for future Remembrance Days, go to:

To order red peace buttons, go to: or phone the Mennonite Central Committee office in Saskatoon: 1-306-665-2555.


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