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Posted by strattof on October 6, 2016

TransCanada Pipelines wants to ship tar sands oil from Alberta to New Brunswick. Energy East, its proposed pipeline, cuts right through Regina in the Harbour Landing area. 

The metal structure in the above photograph marks the pipeline, which comes into Harbour Landing from the west and then turns south at the drainage ditch. It shows how close the pipeline is to people’s homes in Harbour Landing. The houses on James Hill Road, which runs about 25 metres behind from where the photo was taken, are even closer.


  1. TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline will be 4,400 km long—the longest pipeline ever built in North America.
  2. It will carry 1.1 million barrels a day of Alberta and Saskatchewan crude, mostly diluted bitumen, to a new deep sea port near St John New Brunswick.
  3. To save money, TransCanada plans to convert 3,000 km of an already existing natural gas pipeline, originally built in the 1970s, for the Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba portions of the pipeline.
  4. The pipeline will cross 80 watersheds and cross or run near more than 3,000 waterways, putting the drinking water of over five million people at risk along its route.
  5. When the oil reaches New Brunswick, it will be loaded on to tankers and exported, mainly to Asia. 


TransCanada claims its pipelines are safe. Its safety record tells a different story. In its initial year of operation, TransCanada’s first Keystone pipeline, constructed in 2010, had 12 spills, including one that dumped 79,493 litres of oil in North Dakota.

The Energy East pipeline plan is extra risky. The converted portion of the pipeline was constructed to carry natural gas, not tar sands oil which is much thicker and more acidic and corrosive and must be pumped at a higher pressure.

Should Energy East be approved, the question is not if, but when there will be pipeline leaks and spills.

This could happen in Regina

  • On March 29 2013, the citizens of Mayflower Arkansas woke to find their streets flooded with tar sands oil. An old Exxon pipeline had ruptured, spilling more than 1 million litres of tar sands oil in community neighbourhoods and waterways.
  • On July 20 2016, a Huskie Energy pipeline spilled 250,000 litres of tar sands oil into the North Saskatchewan River, contaminating the drinking water of three cities, North Battleford, Prince Albert, and Melfort.
  • Since 2006, over 8,000 oil pipeline spills have occurred in Saskatchewan.


The Energy East pipeline would expand Canadian tar sands production.

  • Tar sands production poisons the water, air, land, and people in surrounding First Nations communities.
  • Tar sands development is also the single biggest contributor to the growth of carbon emissions in Canada, thus driving dangerous climate change.
  • 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history.
  • Climate scientists warn that, if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must leave at least 80% of tar sands oil in the ground.


  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports Energy East.
  • Premier Brad Wall supports Energy East.
  • Regina Mayor Michael Fougere supports Energy East.


  • Toronto City Council passed a resolution against the transport of tar sands oil through the city by rail or pipeline.
  • The Mayor of Montreal and the Montreal Metropolitan Community oppose Energy East.


Indigenous people have taken the lead in opposing pipelines. The original caretakers of this land, they are determined to protect it, and the entire planet, from environmental destruction.

Last week, 85 First Nations from Canada and the US signed a continent-wide accord against tar sands expansion, committing to a unified struggle against the construction of pipelines in their territories.



  • Tell Prime Minister Trudeau you don’t want Energy East running through your community or province: or 613-995-0253.
  • Send the same message to Premier Brad Wall: or 306-787-9433.
  • Tell Mayor Michael Fougere you want Regina to ban the transport of tar sands oil through the city by rail or pipeline: or 306-777-7339.
  • Make Energy East an issue in the municipal election. Ask candidates for mayor and city council where they stand on it.

Sign the Council of Canadians’ petition asking the Government of Canada to deny approval to the Energy East pipeline:


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